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Last updated 12.14.2014

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We gladly accept galleys, published books, audio books, and e-books (available in EPUB and PDF format).  Our preference is E-BOOKS!  We accept books from small presses, self-publishers, and traditional publishers.  Our focus/specialty is debut and emerging authors. Occasionally, you may find a bestseller on here, but we guarantee it was a debut author! If your galley is available through NetGalley or Edelweiss, please let us know in your request.
**All submissions must be no more than 6 months old**
What can you expect from us? If we agree to review a book and finish it, we will write a review. If we only read half of a submitted book before discontinuing it, we will post the publisher’s synopsis along with a list of reasons why we could not finish the book. Please note, unsolicited submissions do not guarantee a written review. All reviews—positive or negative—will be fair. We believe our honest reviews are what help our readers to select quality books for their reading enjoyment. We post reviews on our website as well as on Goodreads. You can keep up with all of our book reviews, including yours, by following us on Twitter. You will also receive an email once the review is posted.
When can I expect the review? We target our reviews towards the publication date and publisher promotional campaign periods. If your book is older and not within a promotional campaign window, we do our best to read review titles in a timely manner; however, we cannot guarantee a specific time frame for completed reviews. It is up to our reviewers to select the books they want to review. Usually new releases are chosen over backlisted titles, so older books take longer to review. Time sensitive review requests are considered for a fee.

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  1. Bruce Lawrence

    I have created a new website called .

    Its idea is simple, users enter their single favorite book of their life, I save all these books, then list them in order of their popularity so that readers can get good ideas for their next great read.

    The site is not a commercial venture, but a labor-of-love from an avid reader. I hope you will look it over, at least submit your book, and, at most, tell your readers about my site.


    Bruce Lawrence


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