Exciting Author Buzz!

Mark your calendars! On Tuesday, April 7th we will be partnering up with WOW Blog Tours to host Sybil Baker. She will discuss her recently released first novel, “The Life Plan”. Here’s the back cover synopsis: What would you do if your carefully planned life was falling apart?Like many women, Kat Miller dreams of having a satisfying career, a loving family, and a house of her own. But Kat has taken things further than most, documenting her dreams in a… Read more »

“100 Best Business Books for All Time” by Jack Covert & Todd Sattersten

If you are considering a voyage into entrepreneurship, whether it’s full-time or part-time, it helps to arm yourself with resources that will allow your business to start, grow and maintain integrity. The downturn of the economy has created a bitter-sweet moment for small businesses. Some business owners are closing their doors during these tough times while others are becoming entrepreneurs. Lately, I’m finding that some people are starting out on their own because of job shortages. Folks are finding their… Read more »

Movie Buzz: Which book club selections are going to hit the big screen?

Movie Buzz: Which book club selections are going to hit the big screen?

I recently heard “The Book Thief” was going to be turned into a movie and it made me wonder if any of our other book club selections have movie rights. Both “The Book Thief” and “Water for Elephants” are expected to be released in 2010. What do you hope Hollywood does right in these films? The movie rights to “The Glass Castle” were recently optioned by Paramount. Jeannette Walls believed she was “committing professional suicide” in writing this book, but… Read more »

Whatcha Reading?

Jen Lancaster will be in Atlanta May 15th signing her latest memoir, “Pretty in Plaid”. I have heard good things about Jen, but haven’t read any of her books. So, I decided now would be as good a time as any to read one of her other memoirs. I am about halfway through “Such a Pretty Fat”. Stay tuned for my review! Discuss this post with us #liveauthor http://www.twitter.com/authorexposure Check out our Book Addict Inspiration on http://www.pinterest.com/authorexposure/book-decor/

Are Book Clubs Back in Style?

My dad used to say things that were “out of style” would eventually be back “in” someday. This was a method of reasoning he used when trying to convince me to remain a “Plain Jane” and not buy into the style of biker shorts, big hair and moose. From the jeri curl to the perm, many things have come and gone. STOP! I don’t think the perm will ever go! At least I hope not. Tragic if it did. Growing… Read more »