Books & Life – A Trip to the Independent Bookstores (part 1)

Oh, how I hate to hear people say that independent bookstores are a “dying breed”. As if it’s some type of wild animal in the middle of nowhere. Independent bookstores are right in your community, so why are people still gravitating to the big chains? Well, I know that we don’t have any independent bookstores here in Norcross, GA. The last viable independent bookstore, Chapter 11, closed its Norcross location in 2005 after filing for bankruptcy. So, I explored other… Read more »

Question of the Day

So many books are adapted into movies…from classics to today’s bestsellers! I thought today we would have an open question: Do you enjoy seeing the movie version of your favorite book or do you dislike it when great books are adapted into movies? Discuss this post with us #liveauthor Check out our Book Addict Inspiration on

Reading Personality – What’s Yours?

Have you ever wanted to know if you were an electic, serial, exacting or involved reader? Well, here’s your chance. Take the quiz. It’s only 7 questions, it won’t take long at all! Come back and tell us about your personality! Was the quiz right? Discuss this post with us #liveauthor Check out our Book Addict Inspiration on

Book Preview Day!!!

I saw the video one day and bought the book the next day. This is truly a moving story and by its own right, there’s no need to rate it. Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Canning and Ronald Cotton is a moving double memoir about injustice, redemption and forgiveness.Here’s their story……..I’ve started reading this book and I can’t stop turning pages. The authors have a way of building a connection with the reader. Come back for the full review. If you… Read more »

Industry Sensations

So today, we’re going to take a look inside the book industry. I tend to sign up for every single e-newsletter I can find. It’s my paperless way of keeping up on things lately. If you saw the truth of my home, paperless is a good thing for me! This month I took a chance and borrowed an audiobook from the library. This is way out of my realm. I like to feel my pages, touch my pages, be one… Read more »