Book Reviewers Q&A

We receive questions from time to time that potential reviewers would like to know.  We hope you find them helpful!  We will add to these as more questions come in.

1. How long do I typically have to read and submit the review?
We ask that you strive to submit one review per month. We receive a lot of pre-pubs and publishers often want to celebrate the release of the book with the reviews. If there’s an event surrounding the book that you choose, we will let you know ahead of time.  The standard is to submit a review 30 days after you receive the book.[divider]
2. Am I able to repost these reviews after they are published? Either to Amazon, Goodreads, or my own website?
We just migrated to a new system. So, all reviews posted on Author Exposure are automatically posted on Goodreads starting in April 2015. Although we ask that you not repost your review elsewhere (Amazon, website, etc.), we do allow you to link up to it on your website once it posts on Author Exposure.[divider]
3. I have only reviewed books I’ve liked. How do your reviewers handle a book they truly dislike?
If you chose a book and you didn’t like it, we do allow you to state why you didn’t like in a way that’s valuable to readers–such as critiquing the writing flow or the characters. We do not allow you to trash the author or the publisher.  If we believe the review is in bad taste, we will refuse to accept the review. However, refusals have never happened because reviewers are open to the editor’s changes.[divider]
4. The reviews on your terrific website appear to be about 500 words.  Is that typically what you require?
No, our standard is about 300 words; however we have reviews that are as long as 500 words and some as short as 200 words. Our standard accepted word count range is 200-500 words.
5. How many books per year do you typically assign?
We actually don’t assign books. We learn what you like to read and come to you with suggestions or you can choose books from our queue. Much of our success and low queue levels have come from choosing books that we know our reviewers will read.[divider]
6. Am I able to decline something?
Yes, you can decline any book but that’s unlikely because you get to choose! If you don’t  like any options in our queue but you found something on your own, just submit a review request on the site and either we’ll accept or reject it and in most cases retrieve it for you.[divider]
7. Is there any compensation?
At this time, we don’t have a compensation model. In addition to the flexibility of hiatus and recognition for the review, all reviewers are gifted with a one-year subscription to BookMarks Magazine   However, there are cases where authors ask for our Express Review service and if this request falls within your genre, we will submit that option to you. If you accept, you will be compensated assuming you submit the review by the required due date. This is typically a 1-2 week turnaround.[divider]

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