Short Story Writer’s Debut Novel is Great for Suspense Fans

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Brett Garcia Rose has written a number of award-winning short stories. Noise (June 2014) is his first novel.

The story is Leon’s, and it is written in his voice. Leon is deaf, but he doesn’t allow that to handicap him. His early years were lived on the streets of Nigeria, where he learned what he needed to survive the violence he continually faced. When he was seven, he was adopted and went to America.

There, he meets his sister Lily, and the two of them share a deep love. When she mysteriously disappears, all he has is a letter from her which gives him no clues as to where she went.

Time passes, and he receives a postcard from New York City hinting that she is in trouble. Leon wastes no time in going there and finding the diner pictured on the postcard. He begins his search for Lily, and he will stop at nothing to find her. From there, the story is increasingly suspenseful, as he discovers connections to a gritty strip club with a link to human trafficking.

Noise is a compelling story which can be read in one sitting. It is well written, and the action is punctuated by insights and observations which are purely poetic.

I was mildly distracted by questions which weren’t answered. Why did Lily decide to leave? Why did she not keep in touch with Leon? These did not prevent me from greatly enjoying this excellent book, and I recommend it to readers who enjoy suspense and good writing.

Reviewed by Annie

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