Spunky Heroine Returns in New Mystery Series

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Though a sequel to Wright’s first novel, The Granite Moth (November 2015) can be enjoyed by all, including those who have not yet read The Red Chameleon. Once again, private eye Kathleen Stone takes center stage in this action-packed, rollicking mystery novel. 

When her friend’s Halloween float bursts into flames, injuring several people, Kathleen is hired to find the person(s) responsible. While doing undercover work for a separate, ongoing case to pursue a mobster named Salvatore Magrelli, she witnesses a man die from what appears to be some kind of food poisoning. Kat suspects the two incidents might be related. She, along with a cast of memorable characters, work hard to solve the mysteries surrounding these two cases. The Granite Moth is a novel full of questions, surprises, and disguises.

Wright’s protagonist is a very unique character. Haunted by her past as an undercover New York City detective, she is almost always in some kind of disguise—wig and all. I loved all the personalities and personas she adopted while working. For example, the scenes where she became Kennedy Vanders to gain access to an exclusive club run by Magrelli’s wife were intriguing to read.

Although a fantastic whodunit mystery, the author did spend a great deal of time on Kat’s backstory. This didn’t integrate well with the story line and I found it quite distracting. Although it may be helpful to readers new to Wright’s detective series, I think its best, as with any series, to start at the beginning.

Readers who enjoy Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series and Lisa Lutz’s Isabel Spellman series will enjoy this book. Kathleen (and all her personas) is a spunky New Yorker that’ll have you chuckling throughout her newest caseload.

Reviewed by Libby Bridges

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