A Debut Novel Fit for Foodies

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Tia Monroe, a freshly minted grad student arrives onto the NYC dining scene ready to take on her first job, a coveted apprenticeship with a prestigious and well-known cookbook author who shares Tia’s passion for gastronomy. Tia’s talent lies in breaking apart the components of complex flavor profiles and understanding how they work together, both synergistically and sensually, to create the most memorable dining experience.

Her inability to secure the internship she desires leads to another opportunity that seems too good to pass up, though it comes with some mighty strong strings attached. Tia must decide quickly whether pursuing the “next big thing” is worth the cost.

Tia is indeed terribly naïve and some of her decisions are cringeworthy yet can be chalked up to her youth. She is a likable character but there is no getting around her having to learn some lessons the hard way. Though she did not grow up privileged, she has a talent for food that few possess. The education she receives is far more than she bargained for.

Those ready to grab life by the horns may relate to several themes in Tom’s millennial-take-on-the-big-town tale. The true grittiness of this life faced by today’s millennials set loose in an overwhelming city seems understated and buffered. Food Whore (October 2015) is more of a glamorous tale with a few snafu’s thrown in to try to give it heft. There is nothing surprising about the obvious way the story unfolds, though its predictability is not so much a liability as a part of its charm. The story seems to play out as a lighthearted almost natural extension of a young food blogger’s creativity, nothing new but fun nonetheless. Food Whore is a light bite after a late night on the town.

Reviewed by Maria Ryan

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