How Do You Use Content to Build a Business?

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How does an entrepreneur use content to build a successful business? With so much information available, it is bound to seem overwhelming. Where does one even begin? Today, content marketing refers to leveraging valuable information (content) to attract a targeted audience that will ultimately be called to specific action. There is much to know so take it slow, but take it.

Content Inc. (September 2015) offers everything the entrepreneur will ever need to know about using content in the most advantageous of ways customized to your business, mission, and goals. After reading a number of articles on this topic, what it is and how to apply it across a number of business types, I am confident that Content Inc. is the most up-to-date and thorough offering you will find. This book is so chock-full of content that reading it all the way through will be overwhelming but having it to refer back to whenever needed will quell those anxieties. Platforms and web addresses will forever change, but rest assured that the core information found in this book will stay evergreen. Use the individual case studies to form your own plan of attack and the book becomes a handy reference guide, one you will return to again and again.

Whether you buy your own copy or borrow one and never give it back, this is definitely one to keep.

Reviewed by Maria Ryan

This book offers everything the entrepreneur needs to know about using content in the most advantageous ways. Click To Tweet

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Overall: five-stars

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