Reviewer Critiques First Book in the Tracy Crosswhite Mystery Series

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For twenty years Tracy Crosswhite has refused to believe the facts surrounding her sister Sarah’s disappearance. All she wants is the truth. To find that truth and justice for her sister she becomes a homicide detective in Seattle. When a body is discovered near her hometown in the Cascade Mountains, reality and her past collide. Sarah has been found, raising more questions than answers. Tracy wants the truth, but is she prepared for the secrets and the danger that come with it?

When I first read the synopsis for Robert Dugoni’s My Sister’s Grave (November 2014), I was immediately intrigued. I truly enjoy a good mystery, especially when a small town is involved. So, I dove in expecting a fast-paced, thrilling read and found myself struggling to stay immersed in what I had thought would be a fantastic story. The pacing was rather slow and sluggish in my opinion. The constant back and forth between current events and memories just pulled me out of the story. It was just too much. I pushed on, though, hoping that the pace of the story would improve as the story began to unfold, but that just didn’t happen for me due mostly to the huge amounts of unnecessary details throughout the entire book.

The shining star of the novel would definitely be the characters. From the heroine to the entire ensemble of townspeople, you couldn’t ask for a more unusual and interesting group of people. I really enjoyed Tracy. She’s such a strong woman that constantly pushed herself.

Should you give My Sister’s Grave a read? It’s a toss-up in my opinion. Even though I found myself bored by the pace and overabundance of detail, there is a good story hidden inside the pages. To be honest, I seem to be in the minority when it comes to how enjoyable this book is. So give it a try!

Reviewed by Jennifer Shaw

The shining star of the novel would definitely be the characters. I really enjoyed Tracy. Click To Tweet

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Rating Report
Overall: two-half-stars

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