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A cat and mouse game between two women will entice but a poorly constructed motive and a far too risky ending that doesn’t pan out could easily frustrate and disappoint.

Polished, successful artist Nina recognizes Emma, a beleaguered and pregnant mom to a toddler, from a storefront window. Under false pretenses, Nina befriends the overtired and unfocused Emma. What follows is the unfolding of one woman’s warped history and her misplaced aggression coming to roost.

Lane is a talented writer whose insights into the mundane aspects of motherhood, disappointments, and dreams unfulfilled are remarkably relevant. If you have ever lived in the space occupied by these characters, you will undoubtedly recognize yourself. Her poorly constructed story, however, was not believable. The lack of conflict and a more level playing field between these two women was regrettable. You might think you know where the story is leading and be excited to find out, but the road to disappointment might be paved with a desire to be set apart from the rest of the sub-genre in a way that ultimately backfires. Finally, the ending was terribly disjointed and overreaching.

Her (January 2015) took more than its share of creative license but it was not written with the reader in mind.

Reviewed by Maria Ryan

Lane is a talented writer whose insights into the mundane aspects of motherhood are remarkably relevant. Click To Tweet

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