Paranormal Romance Mixes Beauty and Darkness

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I’ve been a huge fan of the paranormal and historical romance genres for years. After devouring the synopsis of Bite at First Sight (April 2015) I was sure I’d found a winner. And I was correct! Breaking into a new and exciting world with characters that are a mixture of beauty and darkness, Bite at First Sight is the third installment in the Scandals with Bite series.

In Bite at First Sight, Cassandra Burton, the Dowager Countess of Rosslyn, yearns to be a physician. Because women aren’t allowed that opportunity in the 19th century she does what is necessary to educate herself. She hires men to steal bodies from the local cemetery. When that doesn’t work out she does the job herself.

Little does she know the local vampires believe a vampire hunter is among them. Rafael Villar, the Lord vampire of London, sets out to find the vampire hunter and take care of him. He is shocked to find that instead of a vampire hunter there is a lovely woman.

I really enjoyed the thrilling pace and plot of this novel as well as the imperfect hero. While most vampire heroes are stunningly gorgeous, Rafael Villar wasn’t. Not exactly. The alpha male personality was there but his dark side and scars made him a unique and thrilling male lead. This one thing kept me reading. I had to know more about this man and what made him tick.

Cassandra on the other hand wasn’t all that exciting to me. I felt as though she was like many other female characters. She just didn’t have that zing to keep you wanting to know more about her. The most exciting thing was her passion for medicine. But that only takes her so far before you need more.

Overall, I enjoyed the thrilling plot, the romantic entanglement of the characters, and Rafael most of all. While Bite at First Sight was an interesting read, I have read much better in the genre. I do think that readers who find Bite at First Sight appealing should read the first two installment to get a better feel for the world Ann has created.

Reviewed by Jennifer Shaw

After devouring the synopsis of BITE AT FIRST SIGHT I was sure I'd found a winner. Click To Tweet

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Rating Report
Overall: three-stars

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