Mystery Heroine Riley Spartz Returns in DELIVERING DEATH

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Delivering Death (January 2014) is award-winning author Julie Kramer’s latest book in her mystery series featuring Riley Spartz, a TV investigative reporter. Having had a career herself as a network news journalist, Kramer brings authenticity to her heroine.

The novel begins when an anonymous manila package containing human teeth arrives at Riley Spartz’s TV 3 office. She has no idea why she’s received them or what they mean, but her reporter nose smells a feature story and she begins investigating. It brings her into the world of identity theft and murder as she ferrets out criminals and their connections.

This plot intertwines with a Mall of America wedding extravaganza which her boss, who places ratings above real news, is convinced will raise their status. There is also a romantic thread to further draw the reader in.

Riley Spartz is a genuinely appealing character and she makes the story very readable. Kramer writes skillfully, using suspense to her full advantage. The climax of the book is surprising and unexpected, making this book a very satisfying read. I was fascinated by the inside look at how TV news functions. I found the decision making process for when it comes to competing stories especially interesting. The story that will draw the most viewers always wins.

I fully recommend this book to readers who enjoy mystery and crime fiction as well as those who like an occasional break from more serious reading. Find a comfy spot and curl up with this engaging book!

Reviewed by Annie

Kramer writes skillfully, using suspense to her full advantage. Click To Tweet

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Overall: four-stars

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