Beautifully Written Romance about Loss, Love, and Second Chances

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Whether you love or hate tattoos, you’ll fall head-over-heels for tattoo artist Evan Downey in Jessica Lemmon’s latest contemporary romance, Bringing Home the Bad Boy (January 2015).

Grief has consumed Evan and his son Lyon’s lives since the death of his wife. When a chance arises to move back to where Evan spent his childhood summer vacations, Evan decides to make the move. His hope is that Evergreen Cove will allow him and his son to leave behind their bad memories, giving them the fresh start they both need.

What Evan doesn’t count on is falling for his wife’s best friend and new next door neighbor, Charlotte. Charlotte’s attraction to Evan is as strong as Evan’s is to her. But she can’t seem to stop apologizing to her deceased best friend for having thoughts about her husband, sharing a kiss or wanting more than a friendship.

This is my first time reading a novel written by Lemmon and I am thrilled to say that Bringing Home the Bad Boy is an example of why I read romance. It will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat as everything falls into place for Evan and Charlotte. Lemmon’s Bringing Home the Bad Boy is a beautifully told love story about loss, family, and finding a second chance at love.

As far as characters go, Lemmon knows how to keep her girls strong and exciting yet willing and adventurous. Her men are memorable and charming with rock hard bodies that seduce you with every word. Lemmon melds art, love, and lust to create warm and seductive love scenes that will warm your heart and soul. Evan utilizes his skills as an artist to paint Charlotte’s nude body in the most seductive way. While the moment is sizzling hot, it is well described and tastefully done.

Beyond the romance of Bringing Home the Bad Boy is the creation of a loving family. Lyon, having lost his mother, isn’t left out of the story or put off to the side and forgotten about. His part of the love story is equally as big as the hero and heroine. Lemmon allows the threesome to grow steadily without forcing the relationship on either side. The natural flow of things made for a fun, romantic, and exciting story.

Bringing Home the Bad Boy has much to offer readers of the romance genre. It’s a love story that will speak to the heart and soul of all women. I’m looking forward to the second installment of the Second Chance series, Rescuing the Bad Boy.

Reviewed by Jennifer Shaw

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Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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