Three Steamy Romances Under One Cover

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What’s better than one intriguingly steamy romance with heated encounters to set your blood boiling? How about three steaming hot short stories! That’s exactly what you get from Kate Allure’s amazing new title, Playing Doctor (January 2015).

The first story “The Intern” was very good. The exciting back and forth banter between Lauren and Courtney (aka Court) was fantastic. Their personalities and attraction to one another really made the story work for me. It was fun watching the relationship progress in a fulfilling way. With short stories, character building often falls apart but Allure did a wonderful job making these characters pop in the best of ways. The sex scenes sizzled too! Oh my gosh, did they ever! The chemistry was spot on throughout the story. I really enjoyed the fast pacing of this particular story. Every detail just worked for me. As a bonus I found Lauren to be a great character as far as strong females go.

I wasn’t totally in love with the second story, “My Doctor, My Husband, and Me.” I’m not sure what it was exactly. Maybe it was just a little too normal? It wasn’t bad at all really. Valerie and her doctor (surgeon) were well-developed characters but the husband was lacking. I felt like I got to know everyone but him. And the ending was not at all what I expected. Like I said it wasn’t bad. The sex scenes were deliciously steamy and written well too. I guess I was just curious as to why Allure chose the ending she did considering how much Valerie loved her husband. Overall, I was pleased with the intensity of the erotic side of the story and less excited from a romance angle.

In “Seize the Doctor,” you get everything you’d expect from a fun erotic short story: great characters, hot steamy sex, and a fulfilling story all around. I enjoyed the use of multiple friends and doctors while concentrating on one couple. The use of a fantasy mentioned early in the story to wrap up the love story was brilliant. Probably one of the best scenes of this story happened at the end. Now that doesn’t mean Nikki and her doctor boyfriend don’t share some heated moments because…they do.

All in all I have to say that Allure knows how to bring on the heat. And Playing Doctor is definitely sexual fantasy at its best with a hint of sweetness to top it off nicely.

Reviewed by Jennifer Shaw

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Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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