Reading List Must-Have Title: UNFADED GLORY

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I just adore the way Sara Arden brings Glory, Kansas to life. After reading the first installment of the Home to Glory series, Return to Glory, I knew I had to revisit the amazing characters that make the town so very memorable.

In Unfaded Glory (January 2015), Arden begins by introducing a hero that pulls at your heart strings and burrows deep into your soul. Former Special Forces operative Byron has an earworm and it’s taken over his life. His past is something he can’t escape. The screams of his fellow soldiers haunts him and keeps him from allowing himself to be close to others, to feel as though he can be worthy of anything…especially love.

Living the life of a mercenary works well for Byron. He can quiet the screams of his fallen brothers and get the job done. When Byron sets out on his latest mission he finds himself face to face with a beautiful woman that destroys the carefully laid plans for his mission, intrigues him in ways he never expected, and finds her way into his hardened heart.

Arden pulls out all of the stops in this thrilling love story. I love the idea of a soldier and a real-life princess making a life together against all odds. It’s a fairy tale story if ever I heard/read one. Damara and Byron fill the pages with a passion that seduces the reader with the turn of every page. You will want more of them as I darn sure did.

The heated passion the hero and heroine share is spicy and exciting. As the princess throws caution to the wind she finds she can seduce as good as the next woman. Damara holds nothing back when she engages Byron. The fun loving banter they share coupled with the life-threatening moments they face truly bring this pair to life. The sex scenes are quite steamy. I loved the way Byron took care in taking princess Damara’s V-card. It was by far the sweetest and most steamy description of a first time I’ve had the chance to read.

Arden really keeps the spirit of a soldier’s duty front and center in the Home to Glory series. You can not only relate to Byron emotionally but you feel as though he is a true soldier. His hurt and pain strengthen him in ways that leave you almost breathless.

The suspense and constant running for their lives, Russian gangsters, and other devilish situations keep Byron on his toes as he tries desperately to keep his princess safe. Does he succeed? Would a hunky soldier like Byron fail his lovely princess? I don’t think so!

Arden is one of those authors that should be on everyone’s reading lists. If you want romance, realistic characters, seduction, and a heartwarming ending that brings tears to your eyes and warms you heart then Sara Arden is the author for you. While I feel the series could be read as stand-alone novels they would be better appreciated when read in order. Enjoy!

 Reviewed by Jennifer Shaw
Sara Arden lives in a town very much like Glory, Kansas– right down to Haymarket Square and the Corner Pharmacy. She started reading romance at a young age and by the time she entered high school, aced world history without ever cracking her textbook because of all the historicals she’d read. Besides reading, Sara enjoys paleo cooking, the smell of old books, tea and pedicures. She loves to hear from her readers.

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Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars

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