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Australian author Graeme Simsion’s first entry into the literary world was a big success. Since its release, The Rosie Project has become an international bestseller (over a million copies sold), with rights sold to more than forty countries, and is currently in production to hit the big screen. The authors highly anticipated Don Tillman sequel is finally here. The Rosie Effect (December 2014) hit US bookstores last month and is well on its way to following in its predecessor’s footsteps.

The Rosie Effect picks up where the first book left off and takes the reader to NYC where the Tillmans now live. A professor at Columbia, Don and his lovely wife Rosie are living their new life together.

All is well until Rosie announces she is pregnant. This news turns Don’s world upside down and he does his best to deal with it. Just like the author’s bestselling debut, The Rosie Effect is a laugh-out-loud riot of a novel following the (mis)adventures of Don Tillman.

Don is a brilliant yet socially awkward man driven by science and logic. Although not officially diagnosed, many would say he falls somewhere on the autistic spectrum. Despite all of his quirks, he is a character you can’t help but fall in love with. He speaks his mind, as inappropriate and distasteful as it may be, but has the heart of a lion. He will do whatever it takes to care for the ones he loves. This is especially evident in The Rosie Effect.

I really enjoyed this book. Don is a relatable character in that most people know a person just like Don or one who has similar characteristics—be it a parent, aunt, uncle, sibling, or friend. Although Don and Rosie are at the center of this novel, there is an entire cast of both new and returning supporting characters. Some of my favorite returning characters are Gene, Don’s best friend and fellow professor, as well as Claudia, Gene’s wife and one of Don’s dearest friends. My favorite characters in this installment were rock star George and Rosie impersonator Sonia. It is with the help of Don’s friends and beloved wife Rosie that Don is able to better navigate the confusing world around him.

Although I recommend readers familiarize themselves with Don’s story by first reading The Rosie Project, it is by no means necessary in order to enjoy The Rosie Effect. The author does a superb job entertaining returning readers while providing backstory to new readers. He hints at some of the main events from The Rosie Project without going into too much detail—just enough to keep both types of readers engaged.

I highly recommend The Rosie Effect to adult readers who enjoy romantic comedies and don’t mind a quirky character or two.

 Reviewed by Libby Bridges

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Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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