THE GRIM: Gripping Tale of a Psychiatric Ward

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Reviewed by Libby

Jaycee Baynes is a survivor. She has been through so much in her life. Her absentee mother left her at a young age and her father did what he could to raise her. Tony, her ex-lover and father of her young son, abused her to the point of destruction. For the past eighteen months, Jaycee has been committed to the psychiatric ward at Grover Ridge Inpatient Medical Center (“the Grim”).  She was sentenced here following a high profile trial wherein she was charged for murdering Tony. Suffering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder, Jaycee doesn’t remember what happened the night she shot Tony multiple times. In order for her to be released, she must remember what happened.

The Grim (March 2012) is about Jaycee’s journey through rehabilitation and the friends she makes along the way. Dr. Roark, Hazel, and the other medical staff at the Grim are integral to Jaycee’s therapy, but it is her friends and family who are most important to her recovery.  Jac, who suffers from schizophrenia, and Maddy, who suffers from depression and severe phobias, are Jaycee’s constant companions and trusted friends.

This character-driven novel is most enjoyable because of the main character. Jaycee is a lovable, kind-hearted soul who has survived so much. I found myself cheering Jaycee on when she made progress in her therapy.  As much as I celebrated her triumphs, I also mourned her defeats. True to life, Jaycee’s journey is full of ups and downs.

This realistic novel is a fascinating portrayal of a psychiatric ward and its residents. The Grim does not disappoint. I recommend it to readers who enjoy mysteries, dramas, and novels with a strong female lead character. Pick up a copy and find out what happens to Jaycee.

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