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Reviewed by Libby

Nothing quite starts the year off like discovering a new favorite author and finding a book to share with my book club. Imagine my delight when I found both in the upcoming debut, The Promise of Stardust (February 2013) by Priscille Sibley.  This novel is on next month’s Indie Next List and it’s one you do not want to miss.

The Promise of Stardust is about a family in crisis. Dr. Matt Beaulieu, a neurosurgeon, receives a call from the emergency room telling him that his wife has been in an accident. Rushing to the hospital, he finds Elle on her deathbed with a severe brain injury; one even the best neurosurgeon cannot repair.  But when a routine pregnancy test (performed on all female trauma patients) comes back positive, Matt’s despair turns into hope. If Elle remains on life support, can their baby be saved?

This turn of events is only the beginning. Elle is not just Matt’s wife—she’s a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a local celebrity. Several years earlier, she flew into space on a NASA mission. Once the press catches wind of her accident and Elle’s family learns of her pregnancy, the drama intensifies and spills into the courtroom.

Sibley is a natural storyteller.  Her writing and character development is years beyond her experience as a published author. The controversial topic and courtroom drama of this book reminded me of My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Similarly, the beautiful love story and imagery reminded me of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

The Promise of Stardust is perfect for book clubs. The medical ethics discussed in this book were thought-provoking and provocative.  It made me wonder what I would do in a similar situation. The characters are real and relatable.  Matt and Elle’s love story is one readers won’t soon forget.

I cannot wait for this book to be available in stores on February 5, 2013. I definitely plan on buying myself a copy. It includes a P.S. section featuring “insights, interviews, and more.” Sibley is definitely an author to watch!

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