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It has been 10 years since Christina Shea released her debut novel, Moira’s Crossing . This past Tuesday, Christina released her second book, Smuggled. In our new “What’s Next?” series, we’re talking to authors whose second books are coming out this year. Christina was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her books and writing career.

Moira's Crossing              Smuggled: A Novel

Your debut novel, Moira’s Crossing, was published in 2001. How have things changed for you, in your writing career, since then?

Everything has changed!  The world economy has crashed.  The book industry is struggling to find its feet in the digital age.  All the while, I have been immersed in the research and writing of this book.  Now, I am ten years older with two more kids.  I hold positions on two different faculties.  And I’m at work on a third book, a mystery novel.  It’s a brave new world!

Your second book, Smuggled, was released July 5th. Can you introduce us to your characters and share their dilemmas?

In the final winter of the Second World War, five-year-old Éva Farkas is hidden by her mother in a flour sack and smuggled across the Hungarian border to Romania. Her aunt and uncle rename her Anca and forbid her to speak Hungarian ever again: “Éva is dead,” she is told. As years pass, an unquenchable spirit emerges, full of passion and imagination even as a uniquely twisted brand of Communist oppression threatens to derail Anca at every turn. Though pushed to the breaking point, when the pillars of Communism finally crumble, a grown-up Anca returns to Hungary, a country changing as fast as the price of bread, to find a home and reclaim the name her mother gave her.

How has your journey to publishing your second book compared to that of your debut novel?

In both cases, I was blessed to find a great editor.  Of course, I am partial to Grove, Smuggled’s publisher, because of the independent spirit and aesthetic vision they bring to every project.  

What are your specific marketing plans for Smuggled? Will you be participating in online blog tours, meeting with book clubs, or conducting a book tour?

All of the above.  I’m doing a bunch of bookstore events, book clubs, blogs, libraries, etc.  I’ve set up pages on Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, all aimed at meeting readers where they live.

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