Reviewer Critiques Novella’s Creative Approach to Vampires

Reviewed by Libby

The year is 2221. Vampires and humans inhabit the earth. A strict co-habitation arrangement for food and shelter allows them to live together. Vampires cannot sustain themselves on animal blood—they require human blood to survive. In this world, vampires protect humans and humans feed vampires. Much of the earth is underwater, except for the three Harvest Islands. Food for humans is harvested here. Things run like clockwork—humans harvest the crops, load the food onto ships, and sail back to their platform settlements. But, what happens when only a fraction of the ships return? Without a crew steering it?

Thus begins Blood Harvest: The Entourage (May 2012), a novella by RL Young. The author does a great job capturing the reader’s attention from the beginning. The vampire narrator, Onyx, is a very likable character. She brings the reader into her world—a world full of danger, destruction, and uncertainty.

One of my favorite parts of this novella is the world building. Young’s detailed descriptions made his post-apocalyptic world come alive in my mind’s eye. I could easily imagine everything from the cylindrical housing development of coffins where vampires sleep to the great Harvest ships coursing through the deep waters. The symbiotic relationship between vampires and humans was uniquely complex. I particularly enjoyed learning about the reproductive system of vampires. The emotional and physical developmental processes of baby vampires are closely linked to its mother. Fetuses are able to think and share thoughts with their mothers.  Within about 20,000 words, the author manages to build quite an imaginative world.

That said, I felt that this novella had the building blocks for something much larger. This story line has so much potential. With some editing (there were quite a few grammatical errors) and ideas for expansion, Blood Harvest could easily be developed into a full-length novel book series.

Overall, Blood Harvest is an interesting book. It has likeable characters and great world building. I recommend it to fans of science fiction and paranormal fiction.

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