New Feature – VIM It! Entertaining Stories in 5 Minutes or Less

NEW for 2013! We realize you don’t have time to read everything, so VIM it!  Our View in Minutes (VIM) feature will bring you true, entertaining stories told under a theme of the night in 5 minutes or less.  Every weekend, we are featuring local storytelling videos that will entertain you. Each video features only ONE story told during storytelling events throughout the United States.  But be careful, these videos give such a local feel that you’ll end up re-telling the stories to your family and friends. Now that’s entertainment!

In Philadelphia, First Person Arts, hosts storytelling events quite frequently. I’ve never had the guts to get up and tell them but I am a big supporter.  In anticipation of their next big event on February 14th –The Ex-Files, we are highlighting the best and most entertaining stories from 2012.

If you’re local, attend the 2013 Ex-Files on February 14th.
It’s true Philly flavor. 

Now here’s Andrew……….

If you’re city hosts storytelling events, share the website with us on Twitter (@authorexposure )

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